FY23 Federal Budget Meltdown Imminent? Probably not, but …

Bill Golden

FY23 Federal Budget Meltdown? … Senator McConnell supports a vote on passing the federal budget before Christmas — when the Continuing Resolution for federal spending runs out >> A group of possibly 10 GOP senators and maybe a few more are pushing to block the federal budget vote until the new Congress comes into session.

The meltdown comes in that a delay would not result in new vote so much as a pledge in the House to disassemble the entire FY2023 budget and to rebuild it. >> NONE of this likely to happen but … but we live in amazing times. Dazing and amazing on some days.

> Most important impact: could, probably would, HALT the start of any new federal or DoD program that is not already funded and approved from FY22. COULD cause borrowing $$ from those approved programs and shifted to getting important new programs started.

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