Senior Vulnerability Researcher

Annapolis Junction, Maryland, USA

Position Description:
Vulnerability researchers at Raytheon CODEX analyze systems to understand how they work and how they behave when they break. Candidates must be able to play both sides of the fence, both developing and defeating new and advanced security techniques. Projects are undertaken in small teams with close coordination with customers. All our engineers write code, but many of our engineers spend as much time taking systems apart as building new ones. A typical day can involve studying disassembly or writing Python to audit a piece of C++ code.
Information security continues to be a growth industry.   We are constantly looking to find the right candidates who can do this challenging work.

Required Skills: 

Experience with C or C++
6+ years of professional experience
3 or more of the “desired skills” below

Desired Skills: 

Understanding of OS Internals (any major OS)
Experience with Vulnerability Research
Experience reading or writing assembly (x86, x64, ARM, PPC, MIPS, SPARC, 68k, or others)
Experience developing embedded systems
Understanding of network protocols (TCP/IP stacks, wire-level protocols, RF communications, BGP, routing protocols, or others).
Understanding of exploit mitigations such as DEP and ASLR
Experience using reverse engineering tools such as IDA Pro, HexRays, Ghidra, Binary Ninja, or objdump.
Experience using debuggers such as gdb, WinDbg, OllyDbg
Experience with BDI/JTAG
Experience with modern C++ development, such as RAII, C++11 and C++14.
Experience building and using tools to find, exploit, and productize vulnerabilities in complex software systems

Security Clearance
Qualified applicants may be subject to a security investigation and must meet minimum qualifications for access to classified information. U.S. Citizenship is required.  An active Secret clearance required. Qualified applicants must meet the requirements to obtain and maintain a government security clearance.

Employee Referral Award Eligibility: Only employees currently within RMD and RI&S have the potential to receive a Referral Award for submitting a referral to RMD and RI&S roles. ALL eligibility requirements must be met to receive the Referral Awarding.


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Senior Vulnerability Researcher