QA Inspector-Laser

Tianjin, Tianjin, China

Job Responsibilities: Comply with the EH&S Policy and applicable regulatory and company EH&S rules and requirements, support any of EH&S activities as required. Comply with RTX’s “Code of Ethics” and related policies, take all steps necessary to foster open communications and to support RTX’s compliance, business practices, DIALOG, and Ombudsman programs. Responsible for providing inspection and manufacturing support tasks in accordance with defined department, company and customer specification parameters. Inspects and test components and assemblies at various stages of assembly process for conformance to inspection plan, specifications and quality standards. Reads, interprets and applies blueprints, specifications and other customer/Goodrich documents to assembly and detail part processes. Monitors and responds to production needs when neede Performs other duties as required.  工作职责: 遵守环境健康安全政策、应用规范和公司环境健康安全条款、要求,按要求支持各项环境健康安全活动及行为。 遵守RTX“道德守则”及相关政策。采取一切必要措施以促进开放沟通,支持RTX的合规、商业行为和对话监察员计划。 根据相应部门、公司和客户提供的规范及要求进行部件检验和相关生产支持活动。 在生产过程的不同阶段依据检验计划对部件和组件进行检查和测试,确保其符合规格和质量标准。 读取、解释和应用图纸,规范和其他客户或公司有关装配和细节流程的文件。 需要时, 监控和响应生产需要。 根据需要履行其他职责。 Employment Requirements: Colledge diploma or equivalent At least three years experience in mechenical quality inspection experience. Experience aviation assembly production inspection is preferred Experience using precision measuring instruments and devices Ability to pay close attention to detail a must. Must have Basic Microsoft Office computer skills including the ability to use other computer programs. Able to work varying shifts, including but not limited to nights, weekends, and overtime as required. Ability to work in a constant state of alertness. Ability to work cooperatively with supervisors, co-workers, customers, etc. Ability to be regular and predictable in attendance. Ability to work under stress, common deadlines and under pressure. Ability to follow rules and policies of the company.      录用条件: 大专或同等学历。 至少三年机械产品质量检验经验,具有航空装配领域检验工作经验者优先。 熟练使用精密测量工具及仪器。 必须具备关注细节的能力。 必须能熟练使用基本办公软件及其他相关程序。 能适应各种班次安排,包括但不限于根据需求制定的夜班,周末工作及加班。 在工作中能长期保持警惕状态。 能与主管、同事及客户保持和谐顺畅的合作。 能遵守出勤规定。 能适应工作压力,能在正常限期内和压力下完成工作。 能遵守公司政策及规定。 Occupational Disease Factor: Please refer the letter attached. 职业病危害因素: 请参考附件告知书。 Apply

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QA Inspector-Laser