Put Expired Security Clearance on Resume?

Question: Should expired security clearances be listed on resumes? Answer: If you are applying for a position with a defense industry or government employer: Yes.  Having had a previous security clearance and successful background investigation indicates that you should be able to do it again. Listing a clearance also indicates the level of trust placed with … Read more

Law Enforcement and Intelligence = Career?

IALEIA is the largest professional organization in the world representing law enforcement analysts IALEIA – International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts Purpose The purpose of IALEIA is to advance high standards of professionalism in law enforcement intelligence analysis at the local, state/provincial, national, and international levels.  Our aim is to enhance understanding of the … Read more

Intelligence Careers and Master Degrees

Am considering a master degree in Security Studies or Intelligence. Will that open doors for me? ANSWER: Maybe. Probably not. I do not recommend pursuing either degree, unless you already have a security clearance and are employed within the world of intelligence on the government side of the house. These degrees are great for expanding your … Read more

DoD Certifications for Intelligence and Security Professionals

Did you know that there are DoD certifications for Intelligence and Security professionals? Did you know that there are DoD certifications for Intelligence and Security professionals? These Defense Intelligence professional certification programs are directly managed by the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. Intelligence Fundamentals Professional Certification (IFPC) … Stay tuned! Other programs are being … Read more

Changing Jobs with Interim Clearance? OMG! Red Flags Alert!

? Are you at risk of Loss of Jurisdiction? about changing jobs while your security clearance is in interim status? Or has an employer submitted your paperwork for a clearance but things are still in process? Below is a video by a respected Security Clearance Legal Advisor Annie Stellato that plainly explains what Loss … Read more

Headhunters and Finding Career Success

Hi! I’m Bill Golden. So … DoD Headhunter … that is essentially what I do. Companies and organizations in the DoD and IC defense contracting world say ‘GO FIND’ and I do … find … Sometimes. Often. Often enough. ? U.S. Citizen with security clearance and looking to make a job switch? I’m your guy for … Read more

Resume Cover Letters – Waste of Time?

Are cover letters worth your time adding to a resume? Answer: When submitting a resume online, the answer is NO. Almost always no. Sometimes: Yes. Your resume will usually be parsed into an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which extracts keywords and keyphrases associated with your background, training and experience. Everything an employer needs to know … Read more

Gadzooks! They want to pay how much?!

Some Career Advice — Your value changes based upon your location even if you have same job responsibilities that you had in a different location. The very same job can also pay two very different amounts in different locations. I often see posts where someone warns Metro DC folks (includes northern Virginia and most of … Read more

What is your Marketplace Salary Value?

$$ — HOW MUCH ARE YOU WORTH in the marketplace? Government service provides a very predictable path for promotion, career advancement, salary and compensation, as well as regular pay raises. Being a defense contractor provides little predictability. How money finds its way into your wallet can be a mystery in the DoD and IC services … Read more