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I am a 16 year military veteran. I spent my entire enlistment as a Logistics Specialist. I am currently living outside of Houston, Texas looking for employment.  I would like to receive at least $80k a year. What is available?

Answer / Bill Golden sez:

You may find the salary you are looking for somewhere in the greater Houston, Texas area … if you qualify as a Logistics Operations Analyst level III: average is $86K.

… You will need a bachelor degree. Your 16 years of experience have you competing against those with only 4-7 years of experience who can talk the talk of supply chain and accountability of product across a distributed system.

About the 4-7 years of experience (YOE) vs 16 YOE: Sometimes time is just time. Employers are looking for expertise and knowledge gained within the last 4-7 years to be competitive.

About 4 YOE vs 7 YOE: Depending upon what you were doing over the last 4 years then that can trump 7.

… A Logistics Operations Analyst II / Intermediate LOA earns an average of $71K in the greater Houston area.

? What does a Logistics Operations Analyst do?

If you are not a Logistics Operations Analyst then consider Warehouse Operations.

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