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Cryptologist Irene Dixon (nee Griffiths), one of the very first operators of Colossus and a tremendous supporter of the work of TNMOC, died aged 96 on New Year’s Day 2021. … She would journey to Bletchley Park where she worked in the newly established Newmanry, established to automate codebreaking. There she came to know and converse with some of the great names of the day: Max Newman, Jack Good, Donald Michie, Shaun Wylie who supervised her work – and her great favourite and fellow East Ender Tommy Flowers. In the past few years on her regular visits to TNMOC, she would vividly recall her encounters with and admiration for those men. She took delight in telling of her clandestine glimpse enabled by one of the great codebreakers at the behind-the-scenes activity, normally out of sight to all but the codebreakers themselves. And she still treasured a personal note from Max Newman which put her in charge of her section. (The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park) — READ MORE